Wanderer Month: December 2020


2021 Event Calendar is Coming Together

What we’ve got planned for 2021 After a totally blank 2020, save for the winter reunion, otherwise known as the AGM, on February 29 at the last London Dinghy Show to be held at Alexandra Palace, I have re-assembled the main elements of what was the 2020 programme and, tides permitting, have planned an event in every month from April through to October. I am especially grateful to the support I have readily gained from those WCOA members who are called local organisers, usually members of the host club, who put in the effort to make sure the event goes ticketty-boo. Finding a decent sailing venue has to go hand in hand with finding somewhere nearby to fill our boots on the Saturday evening.  The exception is the Marlow SC picnic – please bring your own daytime grub – and WandererFest where, aside from your own personal catering on site, we

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The End of a Quiet Year

I am pleased to welcome you to the Wanderer Web as we approach the end of a year during which if you’ve managed to get out sailing alone or at your club then you’ve been one of the lucky ones for reasons that I don’t need to go into here! All of our lives have been affected to varying degrees by the pandemic situation, and as an Association it was regrettable though clearly necessary to cancel our planned events as it became obvious that the various restrictions would make them unviable due to social distancing requirements and the general closure of communal facilities, and also prevented the social interaction that is the essence of our events. With no events to report on there has been little with which to fill-out a magazine, but our Editor has done some sterling work to gather enough content for the issue which was published

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