Wanderer Month: November 2012

More Fender Fixings

If you feel the need to attach fenders to your wanderer, here is how I have arranged mine:- I have a bow fender, a “V” shaped thing, about 14″ across. It has a strap at the apex of the “V” and two holes, one at each of the other extremities. To the aperture in the strap I have added an 1.5inch snap hook which attaches to a short, adjustable line* from the bow fitting. The other two holes in the bow fender are joined by another line which forms a larger “V” than the fender itself. This line is then joined to another line ,with a free-running loop, to the mooring cleat on the foredeck. The purpose of this arrangement is to allow the fender to be stowed, without detaching, under the boat cover when not in use; only the snap hook needs to be released. The short adjustable line from

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