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Welcome to the technical section of the website.

This is for owners and enthusiasts to refer for setting the boat up and for better sailing.  There is lots of great information to get you started in the manual, which you can also find here.

These pages are full of useful information, not included in the standard manual, gathered over the many years of sailing by the members and kept herein.  If you have a suggestion or an edit please email Mike, the Technical Secretary who will review the information for inclusion in the pages.

Technical Articles

Making a Nav Cab

Andy Powell shows us how: One thing that appealed to me about the Wanderer, was its adaptability. My previous boat, a Laser 2000, was excellent in many ways, but offered…


Previous Next The best thing you can download in 2019 App review by Simon Edsforth Being reasonably new to sailing I’m always on the lookout for good safety gear. Staying…

Attaching Fenders

Having found that occasionally additional fendering is both useful and necessary while river cruising, especially when passing through a lock, or tying-up alongside a rough river-bank, the problem was how…

More Fender Fixings

If you feel the need to attach fenders to your wanderer, here is how I have arranged mine:- I have a bow fender, a “V” shaped thing, about 14″ across.…

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