Wanderer Month: December 2014

Attaching Fenders

Having found that occasionally additional fendering is both useful and necessary while river cruising, especially when passing through a lock, or tying-up alongside a rough river-bank, the problem was how to attach conventional fenders to a Wanderer that is short of convenient attachment points. The solution was to run a line from the bow fitting along both sides of the deck, passing through the spinnaker reaching hooks and halyard leads then back to the swivel block and guy cleats. The line can be held taught and is suitable for attaching fenders at any point along the hull. Having established this as a practical solution to the problem, I then came across something even better! A chandler came up with suction-mounted fender attachments – basically they are PVC suckers with adjustable lengths of webbing -strap to which fenders can be attached. These stick well to any smooth surface of which there are

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