Wanderer Month: October 2001

Centreboard Friction Device

I had some problems with the centre board; It didn’t want to stay down after storage. It seemed that the “park” position compressed the friction pad so that it wouldn’t hold in the down or part-down position.In order to rectify this I added a 22mm wide strip of aluminium (B&Q) to the existing strip of keel band above the polythene tubing. I also inserted a 42mm Halfords rubber exhaust ring (79p) into the polythene tube and replaced the whole assembly. The theory behind this was that the rubber ring compressed as it was into the tube would add just enough resilience to enable the friction pad to expand into the centre board casing and provide some resistance. So far it has been successful, although I haven’t left it “parked” for more than a week yet; and I hope I wont have to! I was able to do this with the centre board

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