More Fender Fixings

By WCOATechnical

If you feel the need to attach fenders to your wanderer, here is how I have arranged mine:-

I have a bow fender, a “V” shaped thing, about 14″ across. It has a strap at the apex of the “V” and two holes, one at each of the other extremities. To the aperture in the strap I have added an 1.5inch snap hook which attaches to a short, adjustable line* from the bow fitting. The other two holes in the bow fender are joined by another line which forms a larger “V” than the fender itself. This line is then joined to another line ,with a free-running loop, to the mooring cleat on the foredeck. The purpose of this arrangement is to allow the fender to be stowed, without detaching, under the boat cover when not in use; only the snap hook needs to be released.
The short adjustable line from the bow fitting allows the front of the fender to be raised or lowered to suit the circumstances.

I have two fenders attached to a shackle on the mast foot. One of these has a line long enough to run up to the mooring cleat on the foredeck and over the side. The other is on a line long enough to just reach over the sides. I have another pair attached to a piece of 6mm rope tied around the aft end of the centreboard casing below the thwart. A small loop is left to attach a shackle.

A line of appropriate length is attached to a fender for each side. It’s worth messing about with the length of these so that one can be used on each side or both together but at slightly different heights on just one side. Once the length is right, the line can be led via a spinnaker hook under the thwart to the stowage compartments where the buoyancy chambers used to be. (MD only). I have two smaller fenders, also stowed where the buoyancy tanks used to be, attached to a shackle on the toe-strap U-bolt. Mess about with the lengths as before.

I think that the advantage of fixing the fenders along the centre line is that they can be used on either or both sides of the boat and can be reached fairly easily for deployment and retrieval by a single hander.

Do we need all these fenders? Well I did. Our pontoon, which has since been refurbished, was concrete with bolts jutting out between the tyres!!
Chris Roper. Wanderer1501 (Fenderama).