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New Members Database

After a successful trial we have migrated the members database to the website. You might have seen an update on social media last night because at 20:29 the web server had a technical issue which reset some of the website. This was completely unrelated and just purely bad timing. I’d just like to reassure our members that no information was lost nor was any data breached and the site is back up and running. Please take a moment to login to the site and check your details are correct. Some of the bespoke information we keep was not transferred across, specifically boat number, method of payment and your co-owner (if you have one) so I’d like to ask you to double check your information is correct.

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Members Only Trial

We’re looking into a trial of a members section of the website so if you see a message on any content which says Login to view that’s why. Please bear with us at the moment but if you have any suggestions, thoughts or feedback don’t hesitate to comment below or send us a message. If you’d like to participate in the trial (and you have an active membership) then get in touch and I’ll send you the information you need.

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