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Whitstable Race Results 2021

A day forecast for a gentle breeze gave us more than three hours of 10-15 knots higher than expected, wind against tide.  By the time of the first race at 2 pm the morning’s gentle breeze had freshened to a north-easterly F4 gusting F5. It stayed that way for much of the afternoon.  Races were a blast around the buoys, pretty well on the brink of sailing, though helped by surfing the rollers downwind and by the flow of the outgoing tide for the beats. The morning’s calm did not return until the boats came ashore. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

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Event Update June 2021

Following the Downing Street announcement on the 14th June postponing Step 4 scheduled for June 21, I am pleased to report that the next two WCOA events – Whitstable and WandererFest – the first since September 2019, excluding the AGMs – will be going ahead.   Firstly, Richard reports from Whitstable YC: The continuing restrictions will not be a problem for sailing or club social life under the May 18 provisions. I will notify visitors coming to WYC for the June 26 Open as to the club’s arrangements prior to the event.  Please use this link for the current situation at the club. Gavin Barr Trophy Race 2021 Secondly, the WandererFest organizing team had a Zoom meeting last week to consider all the elements of WandererFest and agreed to proceed with the event.  It appears that there is nothing to change the conclusion that we reached last week, namely that WandererFest can go ahead with some generally common-sense

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Gavin Barr Trophy Race 2021

First run in 2019 to salute the immense achievements of Gavin Barr in promoting and encouraging Wanderer sailing. The trophy is a unique piece of stainless steel artwork depicting a Wanderer craft. There is high tide racing on the Saturday followed by the legendary WYC barbecue at the side of the verandah Sunday’s cruise, usually with a pub destination in mind, has a good chance of viewing the increasing seal population at Horse Sand. There is even a wild rumour that free car parking might become a reality.

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