Wanderer Month: November 2019


2019 Autumn Jottings

When it comes to the weather, sailors are difficult people to please, and this year even some of our events had “too much” wind or “not enough” wind. The Inland Championship at West Oxfordshire Sailing Club was visited by Storm Hannah that created some very lively conditions.  The National Championship at Bewl Water saw the other extreme of barely a breath of wind.  This did not prevent our intrepid competitors completing enough racing at both events for winners to be decided and congratulations go to them and all who took part.  Even WandererFest provided a variety of conditions from not much to challenging for some, and the forecast for the Salcombe weekend predicted scary conditions which, in the end, were not as bad as predicted! Our sailing programme has settled into a manageable series of racing and cruising events that are generally well-attended with equal popularity and its success is

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