Sail Setting

Setting the Foresail

When your rig is correctly set up, when sailing upwind fully sheeted in, as you luff into the wind all the jib telltales should start to lift simultaneously. If they do not, check the angle of the jib sheet. When fully sheeted an imaginary line extending the jib sheet from where it is attached to the bottom back corner of the jib (clew), should meet the front edge (luff) of the jib about half way up, and should approximately bisect the angle of the clew.If the top telltale breaks first, the jib sheet is not steep enough.
Rake the mast further forward or move the jib fairleads forward on the thwart.If the bottom telltale breaks first, the jib sheet is too steep. Rake the mast further back or move the jib fairleads back on the thwart.
N.B. The class rules do permit the jib fairleads to be fixed to the thwart wherever you like. But they must be fixed, not adjustable.
If the slot is correct, it is OK for the luff of the mainsail to show a flicker of backwinding.

Changing Gear

This section gives suggested settings for beating on flat water, which generally requires a flatter sail shape. The medium wind settings are the norm, and as the wind increases or decreases you must change up (rig tighter, sails flatter) for more wind, or down (rig slacker, sails fuller) for less wind). N.B. Choppy water demands a fuller shape to power through waves, and settings need to be adjusted accordingly.
Light Winds
Medium Winds
Strong Winds
Crew position
Sitting in On side deck Fully hiked
Keep Moving. Powered Up. Drive and point. Avoid being Overpowered.
Desired sail shape
Full. Flat Entry & Exit. Medium. Some leech tension. Flat. Mainsail “bladed out”.
Rig Tension
250 – 300 300 – 350 350 – 400 (max)
Jib Sheet
Eased Eased 1″ Eased 1″
Main Sheet
Eased In Hard in. (play in gusts)
Central or to windward Central Eased
Off Off Medium or Full on
No tension Light – Medium Tight – Very tight
Tight Very slightly eased Very Tight
Mast Chocks
No Chocks Chocked Little or no Chocks
Slight heel. Weight forward Upright, weight central Upright, weight aft
Fully down Fully down Raise slightly