Reply To: Hartley Wanderer – Water in the Hull

Dave Gilbert

<p>Hi Folks,  sorry for the delay in responding to this. I am stuck now to be honest.</p>
<p>I can’t pressurise the void between inner and outer hulls. To test the theory that it was leaking through the bailers or around the edge of them I filled the boat with some water and expected it to leak straight away. Nothing happened except a few small drops.</p>
<p>I notice that the water seems to be sloshing around inside the portside bow. In fact when I collected the boat to bring it home to investigate the leak, when I took the front of the boat off the stand onto the level I noticed water seeping out of one of the three screws holding the shroud plate (?) onto the side of the boat which is really high up on the boat.</p>
<p>So I thought I would tip the boat onto its side in order to tidy up the filler around the self bailers and at the same time see if any water would drain out of the gap where the shroud plate goes into the hull. Nothing. No water drained out.</p>
<p>So I plan to tidy the bailers and give the hull a clean. But I am stuck as to how the water got into the hull in the first place and how to get it out again.</p>
<p>Any thoughts?</p>