Reply To: Help with rigging please


<p>Jim, when you say the layout for single-handing, should I be right in thinking you are wondering about the routing of the jib sheets? If so, I puzzled this out with my own race version Hartley, and I came to the following conclusion. For each sheet, then after passing through the block on sliding track, there is a choice of two fixed blocks mounted on the seat, prior to leading the sheet through the jib cleat assembly with its integral fairlead. With a crew, you lead from the rearward of the two fixed blocks then through the cleat assembly, making a natural line from it through the cleat to the crew position. But without a crew you want a natural line pointing further back to the helming position, so you lead from the forward of the two blocks then through the cleat assembly.</p>
<p>Hope this makes sense. Of course if you have other queries about the layout for single handing, perhaps you could be more specific?</p>