Reply To: Hartley Wanderer – Water in the Hull


<p><p>Hi John  Yes the bailer went back in, I cleaned it up first and put some Vaseline on the moving bits and as for the gasket!! the prices were either astronomical or I couldn’t find one without buying a new bailer so it was back to “ATS” for an old inner tube which I cut up.  I drew around the old gasket and then cut it out with scissors (worked a treat). The car tyre pump I have is the typical foot pump, it only took a couple of pumps before I heard the “Boing”. I think it’s the piece under the foredeck part of the inner hull that flexes!!  P.S. The 2 part adhesive I got from Hartley’s beware its as sticky as hell 98% adhesive  2%  catalyst,  so wear disposable gloves. I managed to get a couple of small syringes from a local chemist “no needles” getting the stuff in them was a challenge, but it helped to get the glue where I needed it to go.   Have fun.  BR Peter M</p></p>

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