Meet the Committee

Richard Maltby

Richard became a Wanderer sailor on a friend's advice at his club that a Wanderer was the best boat for sailing to the Shipwright’s Arms. For the past seven years as a WCOA member this has proved to be absolutely correct. He is a yachtmaster, a senior dinghy instructor, schools’ coach and has set up and run two RYA training centres. Inspired by a grandchild’s love of Peppa Pig, he shares the life lesson with Peppa’s sailor Grand Pa that “the boat bobs up and the boat bobs down”. Hopefully bobbing more up than down, he believes that sailing is always best with friends. He is delighted to serve the WCOA membership as chairman.

Robin Gabbitas

Robin was born in the centre of England, went to Sheffield University (history if you must ask), played half heartedly in industry for the first few years of working life but very early on found his niche in the civil service, first as a computer programmer (ICL 1900 machines, ever heard of them?) and then in the administrative branch. Now retired.
Bought my Wanderer in 1990, still got it, kept it at Frensham Pond to start with but soon moved to Bosham where it remains. I have been Treasurer of WCOA for ages. I enjoy sailing, cycling and beer. I have three grown up children, eight grandchildren.

Maria Lamb

Membership Secretary

Philip Meadowcroft

Events Coordinator
I have been sailing my Wanderer and making great and lasting friends for over 36 years. Be it racing, cruising, or pottering, any activity on the water suits me.
As Events Coordinator I liaise with the host clubs and the local Wanderer members to assemble an . appropriate programme.

Mike Bennett

Technical Secretary

Rick Lewis

Everything else

John Renouf

John holds his daughter responsible for introducing him to sailing after she said at a young age "I fancy having a go at that". Consequently he took her along for some lessons and joined-in himself; the rest, as they say, is history.
After owning a series of small dinghies he decided that a bigger boat was necessary and selected the Wanderer due to its versatility and soon Wanderer 1518 came along. John tends to be a solo sailor and is more into pottering rather than racing or cruising.
After many years as a member of the WCOA he became Chairman in 2016, more because he didn't say "no" quickly enough rather than due to any sailing expertise. He now tries to keep the Committee in order, sometimes with a modicum of success.

Simon Edsforth

Magazine and Web Editor

Simon has been the Magazine Editor since December 2018 taking over the job from Philip Meadowcroft. He was elected to the committee in 2019 and most recently has taken on the website in March 2020 from Mike Hamilton.

Simon sails W716, Breezer, on the south coast with his wife - Beccy, dog - Bran, and pretty much anyone else willing to pull a rope and duck at the appropriate time. He is more interested in propelling himself to picnics and cask Ale than competitive sailing

Jenny Renouf

Regalia Secretary
Jenny has been around boats from a very young age. Her Dad always had boats, her first memory is of Dad building his own boat in their back garden. He named it 'Karen' after his first grandchild.
We never seemed to go very far in any of his boats but it was always special to spend time on Dad's boats. Jenny loves being on or near the water whether it is the River Thames near to home or the Salcombe estuary. She is married to John and has two grown up children and four grandchildren.