Wanderer Hartley design, Hull number 1737

Wanderer (Hartley design, Hull number 1737. Purchased in 2015, and used maybe a dozen times since – in excellent condition. The boat is centre main rigged, and includes PVC fendoff around the gunwhales, and a genoa furler. The boat is race rigged from the manufacturer, including a 16:1 cascade kicker. PVC overboom cover is included (it’s been cleaned a little since I took the photos!)

Two sails are included, both will need their numbers changing (we have 4 of these boats, and I’m selling the best set of sails with this one). The other set of sails (not pictured) has been used quite a lot for club training, but still in good condition with no damage. The second set is a set of racing sails (number 1738), that are mint and have never been used (perhaps unrolled 3 or 4 times) and worth £1,400 new. A spinnaker (symmetric) is included, and this too is mint and has never been used, as the boat was purchased for school training and never rigged with spinnaker. The correct numbers will be supplied with the sails (and changed if I have time).

Only known issue is the PVC fendoff protection is sagging slightly on the starboard side and needs gluing back on, but this is a small job (unfortunately the weather doesn’t suit doing it now or else I’d do it!)

Why are we selling the boat? We don’t need six main training boats anymore, but do rather urgently need funds to keep the club running.

Please note, the trailer shown in the photo is not included, and you will have to bring your own. We can potentially deliver depending on location, for an agreed delivery cost to cover fuel and time.

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