2020 Events Now Cancelled

By Philip Meadowcroft

This is the latest update from the Event Coordinator, Philip Meadowcroft, on the restrictions of Social Distancing and the remainder of the WCOA sailing season:

Following the cancellation of the Arnside Event we have reviewed our position on the remaining calendar of Events for 2020 owing to the limitations of Social Distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Two-man sailing is typically restricted to folk in the same household, changing facilities at host clubs are generally not available and many toilet facilities are closed.  Bars or club rooms are restricted in capacity making organising evenings difficult or impossible.

This is not Wanderer-style sailing enjoyment as we have come to know it.  The Wanderer ethos of  “Sailing with Friends”  doesn’t fit with social distancing.  The association now has no alternative but to confirm that there will be no events for the rest of 2020 which will be sponsored and supported by WCOA.  This is fully endorsed by our Class Chairman, John Renouf and the remainder of the Association Committee.

We respect the safety concerns of the host clubs and we will be unable, as an Association, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable event as well as having a responsibility for compliance for everyone’s safety.  We cannot disregard that Covid-19 is still around notwithstanding the reduction of some earlier controls.  I will be individually contacting everyone who has been involved in the events which, so sadly, we cannot proceed with.

The Event Coordinator, Philip Meadowcroft will be working hard to construct the 2021 programme like the 2020. Please keep an eye on your emails and on the events page for updates.