Technical Details

Key Features

The Wanderer is a superbly designed, stable and versatile boat that has stood the test of time. Its key features are:

  • Can be launched & recovered by one person dependent on gradient.
  • Excellent boat to introducing those new to sailing.
  • Highly flexible, suiting different crews; will accommodate 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 2-3 children.
  • Good stability and can be reefed while on the water.
  • Easily sailed single-handed.
  • Versatility. The Wanderer can be sailed, rowed or fitted with an outboard motor. It is equally at home racing, cruising or pottering around or perhaps doing a  spot of fishing.
  • Easily towed by a small car.
  • Wanderers retain their value remarkably well if looked after.
  • Wanderers are designed for sailing on gravel pits, inshore waters or more lively estuary, coastal or inshore waters.

Technical Details

Length 4.3m (14ft).
Beam 1.8m (5ft 10 inches).
Sail area: Main & Genoa 10.7 sq.m (115 sq.ft)
Spinnaker 9.9 sq.m (107 sq.ft)
Boat weight 136 kg with with standard centerboard (wood or grp) and up to 163kg with ballasted or steel centreboard

Recommended Portsmouth No (PY) 1193 (RYA 2020)

The Wanderer has been given RYA – Recreational Craft Designation Category ‘C’ with a crew limit of between 1 and 4, in accordance with ISO. – 12217-3. This category is considered to render it suitable for use in waves up to 2.0m significant height and a typical steady wind of Beaufort Force 6.